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    Increase SEO Traffic

    Working together with your team, we apply our unique Google experience, to increase your website's organic search visibility, exceed users's expectations and drive up conversions from Google Search visitors.

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    Make Google Understand Your Site

    As former Googlers, we apply the unique experience gained while working on the Google Search Quality team combined with your website's data to deliver actionable results. The methods we use include crawling your website and its backlink profile as well as using web server logs and analytics data to uncover conflicting search signals, to reveal untapped SEO potentials and to increase organic search visibility.

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    Recover from Google Penalties

    Former senior Google Search Quality team members will assist your team in removing any Google penalty applied to your site. No backlink profile is too large to crawl or recover from a Google Webmaster Guidelines violation. We routinely audit backlink profiles of more than five hundred million backlinks and take pride in our reconsideration request success rate.

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Before submitting a formal service offer, we schedule a free-of-charge video call in order to understand your situation, address any questions and get to know each other.

Your Iinformation is safe with us. We believe in full confidentiality, so we don’t talk about our clients—period.


"I've known Fili and Kaspar for years now, and I have to say...they are legitimate—smart guys who not only know search engine optimization, but who also understand the big picture businesses face today."

Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing Webmaster Tools

"There are globally very few SEO experts I implicitly trust the recommendations of. Having worked with both for several years now, I consider Fili and Kaspar are two such experts in the field."

Martin MacDonald, Senior Director SEO, Orbitz Worldwide LLC

"As former Googlers, they have an unique perspective on how existing and upcoming search penalties may be interpreted and approach them from the angle current Googlers may take."

Joe Sinkwitz, Chief Revenue Officer, CopyPress

"I had the chance to work with Fili and Kaspar for a very long time, both inside Google and outside. I can't endorse enough their work and professional skills."

Pedro Dias, Managing Partner, apis3


SEO Consulting Services

  • SEO Audit and Consulting
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Google Penguin Recovery
  • Google Panda Recovery
  • SEO Competitor Analysis
  • In-House SEO Training
  • and more...

We offer premium SEO services, matching the unique expertise of 14+ years of combined work experience fighting web spam on the Google Search Quality team. We work with only a select few clients at a time and focus on actionable outcomes. If your approach resembles our no-nonsense attitude of getting things done, contact us now.